Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Movie: Fido (2007)

Fido (2007)
Comedy, Drama, Horror

Another Zombie flick with a difference. I actually really enjoyed this movie. It's based after the zombie apocalypse has been brought under control. They've been collaring zombies to suppress their brain eating nature and make them into nice house pets; hence Fido. I also love how the zombie is the hero in this film, totally unexpected yet awesome!

I didn't realise until this very second that its Billy Connelly (The Boondock Saints) underneath that zombie make up! After having another look right now, it's obvious. The little boy, Timmy (Kesun Loder), seems to have an affinity for zombies; he's not sure if they are completely inhuman.... and he'd be right in this situation.

Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix), Timmy's mum, introduces Fido to the family. Timmy's dad, Dylan Baker (Damages) is not so happy  about this as he is afraid of zombies. About halfway through the film you begin to see Fido as more than just a zombie and slave, he has feelings too and he starts integrating himself into the family. I love how the relationship between Timmy, his mum and Fido grows throughout the film. It's lovely, almost makes me want a zombie of my own.

I couldn't help but thinking that Timmy surely wouldnt have been the first person to discover that zombies are not all bad can he? Obviously Mr. Theopolis (Tim Blake Nelson) - the guy over the road with the hot chick zombie - knows something *wink wink*

The fascination with funerals amused me; Sunday family outings, ha! Only ten percent of people are buried the rest become zombies apparently, and when you are buried you have a separate coffin for the head to ensure they won't rise again. Hilarious.

Love the different direction of this zombie movie, not the typical shuffling, screaming, running away type zombie movie. Give it a shot!

4 out of 5 pet zombies....
[Movie Quote] The elderly, they seem friendly enough, but can you really trust them? No! So don't get caught off guard; buy the ZomCom zombie alert heart monitor. When the heart stops, we start!