Wednesday, 16 July 2014

TV: The Last Ship SE1 EP4

The Last Ship
Action, Drama, Sci Fi

'Murica! This is a Michael Bay (Transformers) show, so we already know that it's America leading the charge to save the world (somehow), complete with awesome explosions and big guns! I've been watching lots of Robot Chicken lately and this skit they did made me laugh so hard!

It's yet another dystopian... This ship has been out in the Arctic for three months with no radio contact with anyone. When they finally try to contact the mainland, there is no response. While they've been away a disease has spread throughout the world killing almost everyone. Lucky for humankind, a scientist was on the ship and she has a way to engineer a cure... eventually.

It's not all that fabulous. Lots of America is the world power and will win the battle kind of stuff. The only couple of actors I recognise are Adam Baldwin (Firefly) and Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy)... although it took me a while to realise that Rhona Mitra was not Kate Beckinsale though she did star in one of the Underworld films.

It's been a month, they've replenished their food and arms but now the ship is falling apart and they're running out of water... Other than that, not a lot seems to happen and I'm not sure where they will go with this show or if I will actually keep watching it. Also, not as many explosions as I would expect of Michael Bay...

2 out of 5 explosions...